#home #philly #cityhall #broadstreet #phillymusicscene #twotimesapproved by gravitygiven http://ift.tt/1lFdXBJ

#home #philly #cityhall #broadstreet #phillymusicscene #twotimesapproved by gravitygiven http://ift.tt/1lFdXBJ

My back hurts now. My ears will soon hurt. Looks good tho #shred #metal #guitar #80s by kidshreddi http://ift.tt/W4LyZa

My back hurts now. My ears will soon hurt. Looks good tho #shred #metal #guitar #80s by kidshreddi http://ift.tt/W4LyZa

BEAUTY / OUTSIDE by Kenny Fame http://ift.tt/1nQ3oa0

Music and Photography

Music and Photography by UTS Network

Music and Photography by UTS Network

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The Royal Noise; 9/6 at Connie’s Ric Rac

The Royal Noise; 9/6 at Connie’s Ric Rac

the royal noise This week’s featured band, The Royal Noise, are playing Connie’s Ric Rac on September 6th

The Royal Noise are a serious band. They’re sound is gigantic; so much so that it is hard to believe it is coming from only four guys. You might call it rock, you might call it jazz, or you might call it funk. More than likely, it is a wonderful combination of the three. We’ve been playing both of their…

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Dewey Beach Music Conference 2014

Dewey Beach Music Conference 2014

dewey beach music conference If you thought Liberty Music Fest was incredible, wait until you see the Dewey Beach Music Conference!

Dewey Beach Music Conference will September 18-20th and will include three nights of showcases, two days of demo & mentoring sessions, trade show and industry meet & greet events. Some of the best bands across the northeast will be performing, many of whom you will recognize as regulars on…

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Sarah Silverman - Human Puppies by Sub Pop http://ift.tt/1qGsAV5

The First Annual SOCIOfest Block Party!

The First Annual SOCIOfest Block Party!


Even though the summer s coming to an end, Festival season is still in full swing. with so many great bands in the city of Philadelphia, it’s tough to fit them all in one night. That’s why SOCIOfest Block Party is 1 day and 2 nights!

Tickets Available Through Bands, or at SOCIOfest.com

On September 5th & 6th, The Great SOCIO are shutting down 1 block of Grape Street for an unforgettable,…

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The End of Summer Fest at Dockside!

The End of Summer Fest at Dockside!

End of Summer Fest

On September 6th, join us at Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar for the 2014 End of Summer Music Festival! I know it’s sad to see summer end, but there’s no better way to send it off than with a lineup like this:

10485987_646778148770233_1397770287966715175_nIn The Presence of Wolves

Kid Felix
Overcoming Gravity
Black Stars
John & Brittany
The Good Excuses
Lost in Company
Pravda (Band)
Tips for Lucy(FL)
Astronauts Really Fly
Finding Westerly
+ 1…

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